Thursday, December 20, 2012

Borough mayor snubs Gary Carter, puts street renaming on hold

   Terrible and possibly outrageous news from the north side where Villeray/St.Michel/Park Ex Borough Myaor Anie Samson has sided with a citizen initiative to block the partial renaming of Faillon St. in honour of baseball Hall of Famer Gary Carter.
  This in spite of the fact that on Sept. 25, Samson was one of six district officials to vote unanimously vote in favour of the renaming of a part of that street in honour of the Kid, who sadly died of brain cancer almost one year ago.
   Over 2,000 people participated in online consultations in the renaming of the street, which appeared to have overwhelming support.
   The issue is that 194 people signed a petition asking for a rethinking of the decision to rename the street.    
   They complained that they had been insufficiently consulted in advance and that the renaming would require them changing their addresses and so forth, they include someone named Antoinette Chan, who spoke in opposition to the name change at the Dec. 4 meeting.
   Samson is now going back on her voting and siding with the signators. She now favours only the renaming of a tiny little alleyway to Uniprix Stadium instead.
   The street was slated to be renamed for Carter sometime around Feb. 16, as there is a one-year waiting period required to name a street after an individual after death.
    Samson, who has said to be a good friend of possible mayoral candidate Denis Coderre, might have to face some irritated people, including Rodger Brulotte and the tens of thousands of Expos fans who held the catcher very dear to their hearts and dreams.    
   On Friday afternoon Samson had flip-flopped once again on the issue and told journalists she supported the name change, contradicting what she had told the residents at the borough meeting.
    Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum issued a press release stating that the renaming of Faillon West would go ahead as planned in spite of the petition and that those who covet the name Faillon will still see it on the map on Faillon East.


MTLaise said...

Gary Carter was my Hero.
I'm v.upset. Big understatement.
It's always "No, I don't want the Inuit Ctr.,/Juvenile Offenders Home in my Hood, etc, but, frankly, when can you draw a line?!!!!!
Either people feel in actual physical danger, or they are just too go++@*# effing butt lazy to troll down to post office for change of street name.
Frankly, for all that Gary did for this city, I, for one, am thoroughly ashamed and disgusted.
R.I.P. Gary Carter- and if your lovely family read this, my very best wishes for the holidays. May you ne proud, and have peace.

UrbanLegend said...

How much do you want to bet that a French street name change would have been very quickly approved?

Anonymous said...

Totally embarrassed to be a Montrealer. Had we been talking about another separatist politician instead of an incredible athlete who gave Montreal international exposure, no doubt those 194 signatures would have been ignored.. shameful.

MTLaise said...

What happens in alleyways?
Nuff said.
Not an appropriate tribute for a Baseball Great in any stretch of anyone's warped imagination.
Having spouted most of my vitriol regarding this insult, I would need back up troops to take on Mme. Samson.
She looks like she could quickly flatten me using just one of her limbs.

Louis said...

Why not rename the stadium itself after Carter? I know companies pay money to have their names on such facilities, but Uniprix, really?

MTLaise said...

Cannot speak for others, but I'm not overly proud of our Olympic sink hole.
Think Gary Carter deserves far better.
He deserves the very best~but do we have it?!

KC said...

How much of Faillon Street are we talking about? √Čtienne-Michel Faillon (1799-1870) is a guy who should be better remembered, not forgotten.

carter fan said...

what more do you have to do to be recognized in this town he was a great ambassador for the city like no other american athlete had been before him

Marc said...

Louis: Rename a TENNIS stadium after Gary Carter? Are you for real?

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, saner minds have prevailed and Samson will not be allowed to block the will of the majority:

UrbanLegend said...

Then again, this may re-open that recent can of worms about renaming Park Avenue to Robert Bourassa Avenue--an idea eventually shot down by a sympathetic Liberal provincial government at the time.

I wouldn't expect similar sympathy from the seps, however.

How about renaming Pie IX or one of the too many Boulevard Industriels to someone more deserving?

Just Some Rube said...

Just a suggestion from the Vancouver area, where we had a situation like this ... have two sets of street signs, or one big one, that says something like Boulevard Gary Carter in big print with a logo picture of GC, and Rue Faillon in smaller print below. Allow those who want to keep calling their address Rue Faillon, while those who want to be on Boulevard Gary Carter can use that. They're all going to have exactly the same postal code that they already had. There may be some particularity of Montreal that makes this unsuitable, but this is basically what was done in a similar situation here. Best.

UrbanLegend said...

Doubling-up street names might indeed work here, although they may suffer the same fate as "Avenue of the Americas" in NYC.


Then again, too many of our residential streets already have those orange "corridor scholaire" signs right next to the real names.