Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Montreal's oldest eateries

Wilensky's has been around for 80 years
hoping Monteralers start enjoying their
weird salami sandwiches. 
   Here, on the same theme, courtesy of Chris "Zeke" Hand, is a list of currently-operating Montreal restaurants that have been with us for 25 years or more.Chez Alexandre et fils (1977), Alpenhaus (1967), Amelio's, L’Anecdote (1983), Antico Martin, Apres la jour, Asha, Au 917 (1987), Au Coin Berbere, Au Petit Extra (1985), Auberge Saint Gabriel, Aux Lilas, Azuma, Bagel's Etc, La Banquise (1968), Bar-B-Barn, Basha, Beauty’s (1942), Beaver Club (1959), La Binerie, Mont-Royal (1940), Bon Ble Riz, Bonaparte, Brioche Lyonnaise, Briskets, Cafe Cherrier, Café International, La Cantina (1986), Casa Napoli (1979), Le Castillon, Maison Cari Golden (1987), Le Caveau, Chenoy's, Le Coin Grec (1974), Commensal, Le Continental (1987), Corneli Pizza (1960), Cosmo's, Crêperie Ty-Breiz (1959), Da Bologna, Da Giovanni, Daou, Deli Lester’s (1951), Denos (1958), Le Détour Bistro, Dic Ann's, Dilallo Burger, Di Menna, Chez Doval (1974), Dunn's, Elio Pizzeria (1946), Etoile d'Ocean, L’Express (1979), Le Fameux (1957), Filles du Roy, Chez Gauthier, Gerry's Delicatessen (1963), Gibby's, Greene Spot, Il Cortile, Janos (1974), Le Jardin de Panos (1978), Julien, Kam Fung, The Keg, Kilo, Lafleur, Laloux (1987), Lasalle Drive-In, Le Latini (1979), Lévesque (1972), The Main (1975), Marconi Pizzeria (1968), Mas des Oliviers (1966), Chez Ma Tante, Mazurka (1962), Melies, La Mer, La Mère Michel (1966), Mikado, Milos (1979), Mister Steer (1958), Moishe’s (1938), Montreal Pool Room (1912), Nega Fulo, Nouveau Systeme, Orange Julep, Palais Montcalm (1962), Le Paris (1956), Paris Beurre, La Paryse (1980), Paulo & Suzanne, Petite Ardoise (1981), Le Piémontais (1977), Piment Rouge, Pizzeria Napoletana (1948), La Pizzaiolle, Le Prince-Arthur, Chez Queux (1973), Le Rapido, Reuben (1976), Rib 'n' Reef, Le Roi du Smoked Meat (1954), Rôtisserie Chalet Bar-B-Q (1944), Rôtisserie St-Hubert, Sakura, Salonica (1967), Sancho Panza, Santropol, Schwartz’s (1928), Stash's, Taverne Magnan (1932), Thursday's, Trois Maries, Ty Briez, Via Roma and Wilensky (1932)


William (Bill) Bumbrayl said...

Chalet B.B.Q, Snowdon Deli, just to name a few, chose easy ones but I was first.LOL

Jonesey said...

Did I miss Capri Restaurant on Rosemont in that list. That place has been around forever.

Beeg said...

Snowdon Deli!

kate m. said...

I thought the Hong Kong had been around on the Main in Chinatown longer than that.

Michael Fish said...

I endorse Bill Bumbrayl's note on the Chalet Bar-B-Q corner of Sherbrooke and the Decarie autoroute (Addington ?). It is, Along with Schwartz's, the only restaurant on the Island that I still patronize. For the Chalet: solidly predictable for the finest chicken, fries, saled, great service, can't be beat at any price, anywhere. For Schwartz: The medium fat smoked meat sandwich is probably the finest most satisfying sandwich in the whole world.
My deepest mourning for the disappeared restaurants of the City: Chez Delmo, rue Notre-Dame: Superb Food and atmosphere, The old 400 on Drummond Street for its Great Food, comfortable chairs, Joe's Steak House, Mansfield Street, particularly its earliest years (from the 'fifties to the 'seventies)
There was one other very small and exclusive place located in the Drummond Medical Building (the late 'sixties, - 'seventies ?). It was closed because it was in the bowels of the building without any exposure to the street. However during the few years it was open (reservations a week or so necessary throughout its life) allowed its patrons a superb but severely restricted gourmet menu unsurpassed anywhere in the city. Perhaps someone out there will remember its name. It was a unique dining experience in every way.
Thanks for the article.
Michael Fish
(Eating more often on the south Shore these days. Not the same dog at all.....)

Colin Paterson said...

I live on Vancouver Island and recently spent some time in Montreal where I grew up.
Probably the best pizza I have had in my life was at Mama Mia's in NDG 50 years ago.
We decided to check out the restaurant one night.
It was a big disappointment.
The waiter treated us like dirt. On the other hand, he pretty well grovelled to the what seemed the steady locale Jewish clientele. He even dragged his kid out from the back clueless that nobody was interested.
They only make 10" pizza in the restaurant these days and they suck.
What really bothered me is that I had pitched the quality of their pizzas in remembering good Montreal restaurants.
Thomas Wolfe once said you can never go home again.
I wish I had never wasted our time on the revisit to a restaurant that had turned to plastic.
Being able to pull the mozzerella cheese 18" is just a faded memory now.

Zeke said...


The restaurant in the Drummond Medical Building was called the Pickwick.

Martin said...

Toto Pizza (1962) on Notre Dame in Lachine....

Anonymous said...

Cote St Luc BBQ has been around well over 25 years -- and is my favourite. The original location on Cote St Luc road, near Decarie. Marginally better than Chalet, and (even) more homey feeling.

Fung Shing in Chinatown (Main below Dorch) has also been around well over 25 years. Best Wonton soup BY FAR (don't even eat the stuff anywhere else) and general tao (white meat extra) in town IMO.

Uncle Charlie.

Marc said...

Mommy's fish & chips, Lachine (1972)

B&M, NDG (1945)

M P and I. said...

It may have moved down a door or two, but, Cote St. Luc B B Que was where we ate back in the mid-Fifties after returning from Ahuntsic on the 48 St. Antoine streetcar.

( Obviously the 48 St. Antoine did NOT go all the way to Ahuntsic, but, it was the beginning, and the end of the journey using several routes to cross the city from NDG to beyond La Jeunesse on Henri Bourassa. )

If we could only have those days back, much of the 24 Millen North of Emile Journault was still more or less country, as was the-then 17 Cartierville to Parc Belmont ex Terminus Garland.

91 Lachine was a great route along the CNR Turcot Yard and Canadian Car and Foundry beyond St. Remi.

Old timers will remember when the streetcars ran on their own private right of way from Queen Mary South to Girouard/CSL between Earnscliffe and Clanranald ( where Parc Joze Rizal is on QM, and the car wash is on CSL.) making it now a long block between E and C.

Good chicken, good fries, GREAT sauce, AND, then, home delivery!!!

Thank You.

Michael Fish said...

Thanks Zeke for the Pickwick name.
I may now write a real article about it.
Michael Fish

Anonymous said...

"Pickwick" confirmed - from the 1969-70 Lovell's directory. It appears to have been on the second floor, along with the building office and a few doctors' offices.

Michael Fish said...

The restaurant was located off a landing between the ground floor and the first floor serving the fire escape on the left side of the building when one faced the elevators. Whenever I use that fire stair, I pass that door and a tear drops from my eye, so great was the dining experience...
Unfortunately that door was the only way out of the restaurant.
Too dangerous in the case of a fire...
So the restaurant was closed..
At least that was the story at the time...
The space is now probably a storage, but who knows ? There should be a plaque... ?
So sad...

Booker T.Monger said...

Ah Jeez. Here we go again, sorta.

Well Arachova's still there on St.Viateur, right? And B&M used to be on Monkland (at Royal?) now moved/ to both Sherbrooke & Melrose and somewhere on Somerled. Cote St.Luc BBQ's definitely still there. I believe Da Vinci, which moved from almost next door on St.Cath to Crescent St. is still going. If you're slumming, Tasty Food opened/closed/opened/moved around on Decarie a few times, but is still there. Speaking of Decarie, Orange Julep!
Calories on St.Catherine across from Westmount Square now has an "A Louer" sign in their window (just noticed it Wednesday) so I guess their days have just ended.

LesF said...

Rex's Pizza in Verdun at 3rd & Wellington,also Woodland Reastaurant at Woodland & Wellington,Centralle Pizza in Ville Lasalle 3rd & Central (at least in the 70's it was there)
the Capri Tavern (or was that mentioned ?)the Astor ? the Ville Marie Pub ?,Decarie hot dog joint,the Silver Dragon (ville emard/cote st paul)

Anonymous said...

What about Murray's Restaurant on Sherbrooke?

Bookie's Back said...

Angela's: Italian food/pizza on DeMaisonneuve at Pierce. Nowhere near as good as it once was, but still there.
Last time I passed by (couple of years ago) Blanche Neige was still going on Cote des Neiges, just opposite the Jewish General. By the mid-80's it was a pretty pedestrian kind of local diner, but when my big brother first took me there (around 1961-62 when he lived on Linton) it was extra special: I'd never had a "real" crepe before, and they had mead. Never much liked that stuff, or cider either.

Anonymous said...

Sort of off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure that the following have been around that long.

- Caribbean Curry House (Victoria, near Plamondon)
- The Main (across the street from Schwartz's)
- Casa Minhota (St-Laurent near Duluth)
- La Cabane (St-Laurent near Bagg)
- Mazurka (Prince Arthur near St- Dominique)
- Le Nil Bleu (St-Denis near Pine)
- Cafe Cherrier (St-Denis at Cherrier)
- La Paryse (Ontario at Sanguinet)
- Pendeli Pizza (3 locations: CSL at Marcil, du College a couple of blocks east of Decarie, Van Horne)
- Tchang Kiang (Sherbrooke, near Hampton)
- Momesso's (Upper Lachine at Old Orchard)
- Souvlaki George (Where Monkland and Sherbrooke meet)
- Marven’s (Ball near de l’Acadie)
- New Palace (Bernard at Park)
- Palais Montcalm (Ontario near Beadry)

This is mostly from areas where I tended to be and some area-knowledge. There are many more. I'd be curious about a more exhaustive list of the oldest. Dic Ann's, for instance, isn't what people usually think when they think of long-standing restaurants but it goes back pretty far.

I won't go very far into the question of whether Auberge St-Gabriel counts. For all of their ballyhoo, I don't know that what they did way back when was restauranting.

- Oog

Crepes montreal said...

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Nick said...

Nice memories, but did Montreal Pool Room not close a few years back?

Anyway, fairly certain that Palais Montcalm and Lasalle Drive-In are the original owners (family friends). The former moved about 15 or so years ago to its present location from a smaller location on the North side of Ontario, closer to downtown (more west).