Monday, February 20, 2012

Murder at Upper Lachine and Oxford

   On the afternoon of July 13, 1966 a driver pinned a taxi back by parking in front of him at the corner of Oxford and Upper Lachine Road. He then ordered the driver Louis Maillet to scoot and then shot him dead with a rifle while he ran away and the hack's ride watched on.
   The killer was a mentally-disturbed World War II veteran named Andy O'Brian, who lived at 996 Oxford Ave.
   He returned to his car and waited for police.

The police reported it to be a case of mistaken identity.
   O'Brian was institutionalized until around 1975, but which time his marriage was kaput and he spent his final years in poverty and loneliness.
   His children Kenny, Bonnie and Shannon continued to grow up in the area as many friends and family attempted to avoid the topic of the father who went mad.
   You'll note in the photo above, that the store is still named Minto, which is strange because it's two blocks west of the street of that name sacrificed by the Decarie expressway, likely started its days there. 


Anonymous said...

Minto was Governor-General of Canada,_4th_Earl_of_Minto

Wayne Dayton said...

From the details of the article, he wasn't after his supervisor, but a CP Rail "investigator", a journalistic term utilized in lieu of the term "rail cop" of those fake, pseudo cops who are really corporate security guards and acting tough by calling themselves police. We don't have the "WalMart Police" why give CP and CN those titles? CP has cleaned up the graft and filth for the most part, but CN cops, the private army of Bill Gates, continue to extort bribes, pour water into hobo's boots in winter, use sticks to effect beatings, take bribes from the Russian mob, etc., etc. Notice how much graffiti is on CN equipment compared with CP and you can tell how "vigilant" (not) their guards are....1930s ditty from the street: "CN cops...dirty to the core...taking bribes from filthy whores".

Anonymous said...

Where will this speech, of which you speak, take place?

Anonymous said...

The shooter's name was O'Brian, I grew up below the tracks in NDG in the 1950's and knew his son who was the same age as me.

Blue Metropolis said...

Anonymous, the event details will be announced March 20 on Stay tuned!