Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vin Diesel and his Montreal woes

Vin Diesel and the guy that might replace him
A friend of mine, who has asked that his name not be revealed on Coolopolis, but was refused, because it's Patrick Shearing, was waiting for a friend in a car at Sherbrooke and Victoria in poshalisticfantasticismo Westmount Kweebeck in mid-September when some bald guy comes up to the window and looks at the book he is reading.
   The man whose name will not be revealed her except to say that it's Patrick Shearing, looked up and realized that the nosy interloper was none other than megamovie star Vin Diesel. So the anonymous person who I cannot name even though it's Patrick Shearing, said, "hey..aren't you...?" And the Dieseltastic movie star interrupted him and replied, "Yes, that's who I am." Within seconds he scooted off.
   So we weren't sure what to make of that story, which took place during Comiccon weekend. But now we can tell youze that Diesel has been in town filming Chronicles of Riddick Dead Man Stalking on an independent (read shoestring) budget, I guess the investors of the earlier one weren't too keen to invest because the first one barely made its money back and got bad reviews and sequels traditionally make less than originals.
   But the plot is said to be about man who has been "ostracized from society on a planet where he must fight its vicious inhabitants to survive." So I'm assuming that's Quebec after the Yes side wins the referendum. You can even get a role in the movie if you want to be an extra.
Diesel is working with a Pointe-Claire product, his Greekbastic buddy George Zakk, who went to St. Thomas High, the same school as Sonali Karnick and Autumn Kelly as well as many other all-time greats.
   The latest newz now is that production has shut down because producers can't meet payroll and Michel Trudel has pulled his lads from the set due to non-payment for a couple of weeks.

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