Monday, October 24, 2011

Montreal's Top 10 gangland murders: #3 Richard Blass

Richard Blass
   Richard Blass was raised in Rosemont along with at least two brothers, one of whom, Michel, was a killer as well. Blass took on the local Mafia singlehandedly because he did not want to give a cut of his earnings to the mob.
   Blass, who is described by some as effeminate, tried to kill Frank Cotroni and then survived four subsequent ambushes, one involving two bullets to the head and two to the back, earning him the nickname Cat, or Weasel, depending on whom you asked.
The Val David Chalet
    Blass robbed banks and killed people the way others would make their toast.
   His lawyer struck a deal in which he would avoid being labelled a dangerous offender but the judge died during the trial and all bets were off, leaving him vulnerable to an endless life behind bars. During the FLQ crisis Blass offered a prison warden to take FLQ detainees prisoner in a way to get the FLQ to give up their detainees but that was shot down. He escaped jail twice, once with the assistance of Jacques Mesrine's female accomplice. He loved publicity and even furnished notes and photos to the media, including one taunting the hulking, bald, fearsome QPP cop Albert Lisecek.
Frank Shoofey
Richard Blass, dead
Benoit Vinet
rented the cottage
to Blass
   Blass committed the unspeakable crime of setting a fire in a bar and barricading the customers inside, thus killing 13 in the Gargantua Bar. He then escaped to a ski Chalet in Val David with a crony and two women. Somebody tipped off he cops of his presence. Police rushed up to the chalet and shot Blass dead with 27 bullets. He died from lead poisoning January 24, 1975, surrounded by seven weapons, gas masks and ammunition.
   A gun was in his right hand on which there were no finger prints. Blass was a lefty. His lawyer Frank Shoofey said it was proof cops simply executed him. His killer was said to be Lisacek but police put out word that Lisacek did not personally shoot him dead. Perhaps they feared retribution against the maverick officer.
   Blass was a mama's boy. His father had left the home when he was a small child. She killed herself a few years later. He is buried in the Cote-des-Neiges cemetery, his headstone bearing the inscription, "freed for God, freed from mankind."


william bumbray said...

Albert Lisacek, and not Tom, he was more famous for capturing the Rose brothes, although Blass (le chat) and he hated each other with passion, Albert was Qpf police he had a brother in Montreal police. He was present when Blass was killed but was on the outside when it took place

Anonymous said...

I remember reading an article about Lysacek, perhaps in some now defunct rotogravure weekend supplement. This was the first time I encountered the expression "Chicago typewriter."


Kristian said...

Thanks William. I was a fan of your TV reports, shame they don't play those anymore. Any word on who tipped off cops? Seems 36 years later wouldn't hurt to share that info.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm repeating myself. Sorry for my forgetfulness. But hey, at least I'm consistent.


haroldro said...

Hi, William. I didn't know that you were a Snowdon boy. So was I. Retired from MUCPD. I remember meeting you a couple of times at the St. Laurent poste, I think. We could use your knowledge at the MUCPD museum at HQ.

Anonymous said...

Honestly have no idea, back then the exchange of information between police departments was very poor, had I been privy to that type of information I most certainly would have kept it to myself and still would,one must never reveal their sources Kristian I know you would respect that,by the way I am a big fan, keep up the great work. William (Bill)Bumbray M.U.C.P.D Retired

blamma said...

Kristian, did you ever find a list of the names of the Gargantua victims? I don't even remember the actual incident but i am curious about that's as horrible as the Bluebird cafe, really. This guy was a total psychopath. Maybe Constable Bumbray would have some idea where to find that stuff?

Kristian said...

Sure, I have that: .. you can always search the box at the top left for keywords and you'll see a buncha stuff about that incident.

emdx said...

Richard Blass (from Montréal): he's a blast!!!

(William Bumbray? Where have you been since your Info Crime tid-bits???)