Thursday, October 27, 2011

Montreal's Top 10 gangland murders: #2 Paolo Violi

   Paolo Violi was a pudgy father of five who was known to do the kind of things Jesus would hate, like having people beaten up until they'd sign over their businesses and so forth.
   He led the local mob thanks to support from Vic Cotroni but befriended something worse than a rat or police informant, he made friends with an actual undercover cop in the form of Bob Menard, who lived upstairs from Violi's cafe and managed to bug the place.
   So when the Crime Commission brought its evidence against Violi, you can just imagine that his various gossip irritated people within the Mafia.
   Members of his close inner circle were getting pegged off while he was in prison for various small crimes including refusing to testify before the commission.
   He was invited to play cards at his former cafe at 5884 Jean Talon East on January 22, 1978 but didn't get to walk away from the table, as he was shot in the head by from behind. It has never been clearly established whether the New York Bonnanos gave permission for the hit, but one assumes they had.
   The Sicilian Rizzutos took over the local mob from that day onwards. Violi's brothers Rocco and Francesco were also killed in the purge. No idea what happened to his kids but it would appear that they had the wisdom of avoiding participation in the Mafia, a lethal, thuggish and immoral career choice, if there ever was one. For much more gory detail click here.


Vancatu said...

Paolo Violi's two sons, Domenico and Giuseppe, are very active in the mafia in Ontario, particulary Hamilton. Their maternal grandfather was Giacomo Luppino, a local 'Ndrangheta boss who was representing the Buffalo family in Canada and was well respected. It's been thought that Violi's two sons may be involved in the murder of Nick Rizzuto. They were seen in Montreal's Little Italy one week before his murder.

Anonymous said...

The violi clan will soon meet their maker again along with the rest of the swine that was in on the dumbest thing ever thought up . Going to war while the general is away is foolhardy for he shall return and when he does...........;)