Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taxi murders in Quebec - put into perspective

Many taxi drivers in the province of Quebec, which now has 7.7 million residents, have been murdered over the last century.
How many?
Just down the road in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a charming and inviting touristy city with a population of two and a quarter million, many taxi drivers have been killed too.
How many? 43
   The difference? The 43 taxi drivers killed in Santo Domingo were all from this half-year, 2010, alone.

Here's a list of taxi drivers killed in Quebec over the years.

Audette, Jean-Claude, 57 M QC Montréal 1994-03-12
Bergeron, Roland, 62 M QC Montréal 1977-04-14
Beyh, Mohamed, 36 M QC Montréal 2003-06-08
Bouchard, Adélard M QC Montréal 1927-07-17
Brideau, Hector, 52 M QC Montréal 1984-04-23
Christopoulos, Michael, 67 M QC Montréal 1993-06-03
Arthur Gagnier, 17, and Andre Gratton, 18
were busted for killing cabbie Arthur
Deljanin, Nizafed , 33 M QC Montréal 1995-12-02
Desraspe, Jean M QC Montréal 1979-10-19
Drolet, Alexandre , 63 M QC Montréal 1986-02-28
Desjardins, Arthur, 48 M QC Montréal 1966-12-11
Gagnier, Augustin, 37 M QC Montréal 1956-09-14
Giroux, Fernand,   M QC Montréal 1979-10-23
Goyer, Roland, 55 M QC Montréal 1992-08-14
Lambert, Lucien, 52 M QC Montréal 1979-01-10
Lorge, Andre Leon, 47 M QC Montréal 1953-04-28
Lapointe, Rene, 51 M QC Montréal 1965-05-19
Legault, Ovila, 47 M QC Montréal 1949-09-23
Pigeon, Yves, 43  M QC Montréal 1975-01-21
Richard, Armand, 69 M QC Montréal 1972-07-28
Sadry, Mohamed, 36 M QC Montréal 2001-11-04
Talbot, Fernand 58 M QC Montréal 1993-08-01
Tremblay, Jean-Marie,64 M QC Montréal 1989-05-14
Taylor, Robert, 30 M QC Montréal 1953-10-19
Velasquez, Octavio,54 M QC Montréal 1991-04-12
Coté, Richard, 38  M QC Québec 1994-03-25

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