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A history of Montreal taxi murders

Taylor, (left) and his killer. 
Gagnier and Gratton
Here's a list of taxi drivers killed in Montreal over the years.
Doris and George McDonald
Audette, Jean-Claude, 57 M QC Montréal 1994-03-12
Bergeron, Roland, 62 M QC Montréal 1977-04-14
Beyh, Mohamed, 36 M QC Montréal 2003-06-08
Bouchard, Adélard M QC Montréal 1927-07-17 - He was found in a ditch in Huntingdon and three suspects fled over the border. George McDonald was captured and executed for the murder but his wife Doris escaped the noose.
Brideau,Hector, 52 M QC Montréal 1984-04-23 The 52-year-old father of two was killed near 2246 Wilson.
He had been driving a taxi here for 29 years before being shot in the head.
Christopoulos, Michael, 67 M QC Montréal 1993-06-03
Deljanin, Nizafed , 33 M QC Montréal 1995-12-02
Desraspe, Jean M QC Montréal 1979-10-19
Drolet, Alexandre , 63 M QC Montréal 1986-02-28
Desjardins, Arthur, 48 M QC Montréal 1966-12-11
Gagnier, Augustin, 37 M QC Montréal 1956-09-14
Giroux, Fernand, M QC Montréal 1979-10-23 (click on link for full article on this one)
Goyer, Roland, 55 M QC Montréal 1992-08-14
Doris and George MacDonald
Lambert, Lucien, 52 M QC Montréal 1979-01-10. Serge Lafleur and Andre Lafleur were found guilty of killing the cabbie and scientist Ikram Morcos during a bungled robbery, which targeted restaurant manager Carmen Belila. The brothers turned themselves into police five days fter the event. Lambert was the father of two young boys.
Lorge, Andre Leon, 47 M QC Montréal 1953-04-28 Lorge, 44, was shot dead afer being robbed near McGill and Wellington. Someone drove the taxi to Tupper and abandoned it there. It was a slow ight and Lorge would not have had more than $15. He had no radio in his car and usually operated from Chomedey and St. Catherine.
Lapointe, Rene, 51 M QC Montréal 1965-05-19
Legault, Ovila, 47 M QC Montréal 1949-09-23. Legault, 46, was killed on Fullum. A witness heard the cabbie say, "Go on and shoot, what's the matter?" He then drove about 100 yards into a tree after being shot.
Arthur Gagnier, 17, and Andre Gratton, 18 killed Arthur Desjardins
Pigeon, Yves, 43 M QC Montréal 1975-01-21
Richard, Armand, 69 M QC Montréal 1972-07-28
Sadry, Mohamed, 36 M QC Montréal 2001-11-04
Talbot, Fernand 58 M QC Montréal 1993-08-01
Tremblay, Jean-Marie,64 M QC Montréal 1989-05-14
Taylor, Robert, 30 M QC Montréal 1953-10-19 - Taylor a 54-year-old father of 10, living at 3340 Rosemont was killed by three young men who beat him on the head with a lead pipe. They escaped with $2.50 but were caught after a 14-year-old followed on his bicycle and reported what he saw to cops. Police eventually arrested Jean Beaulieu, 20, Andre Trudel, 18
Taylor and killer
. Beaulieu was a 6'0" 200 lb deserter from the 22nd Regiment in Quebec City. Another suspect, 16, was also arrested but his name not made public. The boys had hailed the cab at Peel and St. Catherine at 1:30 p.m. and taken a ride to Paul Paul St. in the east end. They got Taylor to pull over on a deserted part of the strip and then hit him until he died.
Velasquez, Octavio,54 M QC Montréal 1991-04-12
Coté, Richard, 38 M QC Québec 1994-03-25

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