Thursday, July 15, 2010

Massage parlour city!

Short-lived massage joint opens on the Main above Duluth
   A crew of workers puts the finishing touches on the window of a newly-opened massage parlour on the Main, east side, north of Duluth, as the woman oversees the work. The sign, with a gaudy pair of large female lips, beckons out to people, alongside a note explaining that discreet parking can be found in the rear.
   This is really an ideal business. It seems to be legal. There's no liquor license or complex bureaucracy to bow down to. No worrying about fruit going rotten or repairing equipment. And the less you know about what your employees are doing, the better it is for you. Someone gimme a call we'll open one of these babies.


Kate M. said...

Check out how many help wanted ads on the local Craigslist are for attractive women to staff these places.

Anonymous said...

" Someone gimme a call we'll open one of these babies."

Before that, we have to check out the competition, diligently.