Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bring back the grassy boulevards!

This is St. Joseph Boulevard as it looked back in the daze. The grass divider has since been narrowed to a generic concrete strip.


Seth said...

OMG. I haven't been on St. Joseph Boulevard in so long I didn't know there wasn't grass anymore. That's sad.

Wayne Dayton said...

Ahh, St-Joseph Blvd...the glory days around 1999/2000 were when Booseeko, the friend of Bin Laden, ran 2 massage parlours within a few blocks of each other...staffed with such gems as modern dancer Izabella Marengo, ENG actress Paulina Abarca, and an assortment of CEGEP students and Mexican girls hopping over the border before Jason Kenney put an end to it all.

Paul said...

i hadnt seen it this way prior to seeing this picture, but being a proponent of setting up a tram line on st-joseph blvd (as opposed to mont-royal, i mean, if it ever happens), the tracks could be layed onto some grass.

ive seen it elsewhere and its a little freaky looking at first, as if the train as derailed and is hovering over the grass.

anyway, my two cents.