Monday, April 28, 2008


This man had a huge impact on Montreal in the 70s and remains the focus of many-a-legendary tale. He died a non-peaceful death about 7 or so years ago. Anybody?
Quiz reply: We've been told that some attempts to answer haven't gotten through to the comments section. We've got Chimples on it. His screwdriver is in hand as we speak. This is the legendary Andre "Dede" Desjardins who played a huge role in our screwed up Olympics as union leader and top crook. He was constantly threatening to shut down the construction site. Drapeau couldn't deal with him and Bourassa eventually bought him off even though some like Choquette refused to even sit in the same room as this crook. Since the Olympics Montreal has lost a lot of its autonomy to the tinpot dictators in Quebec City, but that's another story for another time. Around the turn of the century Dede was shot down in a north end breakfast joint as part of the biker war. According to Allo Police he had a mansion in the Dominican Republic with what was believed to be about $5 million in a safe. It was ransacked as soon as word came down of his sudden demise.


Anonymous said...

A Saputo?

Neath said...

The Games were a feast for corruption. I knew a guy with an extensive criminal record who had a construction pass for the stadium site and another group pouring foundations in Chateauguay with Big Owe concrete. And that's just me and I know nothing!