Sunday, April 27, 2008

!?!Q-Who is this Montrealer and ...

...what recently happened to this Montreal woman - ..err.- born here but left town at 19 in 1995 - . that is considered a major slap in the face to women the world over.???..

QA: This is Angela Tong, runnner up in Miss Chinese Montreal 1995. The winner of that contest gets sent to compete in Miss Hong Kong. Even though she didn't win in Montreal, she still managed to get to go east to compete and was scooped up by the TV and film world of HK where she has become a character actor, usually playing the goofy girl. In January she was slapped in the street in HK by a man who subsequently was caught and told police that he was paid to do the deed although it's unclear who paid him to commit the assault.
(If the coloring does not appear entirely accurate in this photo, unplug your computer monitor and place it in the fridge for an hour.)

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She stars in japanese porn?