Friday, September 28, 2007

Theatre review- King Dave at the Licorne

To catch a woody peek at a ribald, high-energy one-man romp through the madcap shenanigans of a Montreal street urchin caught in the city's soft underbelly of crime, pop on by to the Licorne Theatre on Papineau and Mount Royal for King Dave. The play is shouted in street joual with loads of anglicisms and plenty-o-blood and gore. It tells of a kid who goes from one misadventure to another, each more serious than the last. The tumult begins when a cocky Dave smokes up and promises some Haitians that he'll steal car radios. It ensues with a series of disastrously pathetic attempts at gaining revenge on them for flirting with his girlfriend. Lots of local geographical references and Montreal flavour, he beams with pride while boasting of his talent at knowing exactly where to stand on the metro platform to be in front of the doors when they open. Written by a young phenom and acted by a real pro whose voice must be awfully raw after each performance.


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