Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wrestling Coverage from 1906

This ran in a local paper 101 years ago. That's what they called sports writing back then. Wrestling, eh? If that time machine gets fixed we'll go back and shoot some photos of the pie eating contest involving the city councillors.
The Montreal Daily Herald
Friday, March 16, 1906 Page 10
Gigantic Oriental Meets Big Swede at Sohmer To-Night
What will the Turk -- never mind his name; he spells it differently every time -- do to Samson the Swede? No good asking Samson, for The Herald's Rassling Expert spent yesterday evening in trying to extract from that gigantic human head-twister just what his chances were --
and failed. Mr. Samson doesn't know.
The interview was something like this:
"Thanks. Don't care if I do." This from the H.R.E.
"Well, here's a go." From Samson.
"Pour it down your neck." H.R.E.
Samson -- "Pretty good stuff that."
H.R.E. -- "Sure. Old country?"
Samson -- "Yep. Nuther?"
"Sure. Thanks. Don't care if I do."
"Well, here's a go," etc.
So, you see, Samson can't tell just what he's going to do to the Turk, or what the Turk will do to him.

The Herald got the announcement all balled up yesterday. We said that the prizes were to be diamond rings, pianos, summer cottages, $800 in gold and a trip to London. Say, you ought to have seen George Kennedy.

He sailed in here about as big as forty houses and tore the floor right up -- wrecked the whole outfit. Tossed a ten-ton press out into the Beaver Hall car-tracks and pushed the bindery department right in to the proof-readers' rooms. It was fierce, all right, and we make haste to correct our error of yesterday. Sure, it's all right you know George but don't do it again! It messes things up don't you see?

The wrestling melee will come off on time and the six negroes will do or die. The survivor will be given four pianos and $8,000 in bills -- no cottages or trips to London -- plain everyday pianos and money.

To the victor of the Karnanderino-Samson bout will be given a peck of unset rubies and a pound of green cheese. He will eat the cheese on the spot and throw the rubies into the audience: nothin' mean about eather of these ginnies.

Then the Lundin-Fenglarinder bout will see the winner receive a dozen fur-lined overcoats, seven gold watches and eighteen hundred-dollar bills. Both these chaps are out for the victory -- and both can't win at the same time. It is rumored that this later feature is to cause considerable confusion.

A grand world's championships pie-eating contest will wind up the glory to-night. The pies are specially made by the city's foundry experts and are guaranteed to be equal to the emergency.
Among the pie entries are Col Sam Hughes, Bill McLean an officer of the Gas Company and three Legislative councillors. Heavy odds are offered on one of the councillors but the local's friends hope to pull out a victory.

Jack Rose, champion bag-puncher of England, will give an exhibition of his prowess. This will be his first appearance in America.

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